Welcome to the website for The Musicians of the NHMF.

Under new management: The Musicians!

The New Hampshire Music Festival will be led by The Musicians as the new management in collaboration with a larger board including more musicians, business leaders, and cultural leaders of our community.

The season dates of July 10-28, 2023 have been announced but the actual programs that we produce are dependent on your continued support.

We have made steady progress since our first announcement and are excited about the outpouring of support and developments over the last few weeks. 

A season teaser is attached here. Please have a look and give generously to ensure our ability to produce great programs like these!

We will keep you informed with regular updates on our progress. Be assured that all funds raised from March 1st, 2023 will be used to support the summer 2023 season and the future of the NHMF.

To assure some of our worried supporters: Yes, the New Hampshire Music Festival remains fully functioning as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Come along with us!

Donate with us to the NH Music Festival. Your donation is essential to support the planning, development, and success of our 2023 season. We invite you to go to nhmf.org and hit the DONATE button or mail a check to NHMF at P.O. Box 64, Plymouth NH 03264.

Pledge with us to the NH Music Festival. Your pledge is vital for the success of the festival. Please contact Executive Team Co-Leads, Joe Higgins at 603-238-9007 or Tido Janssen at 603-238-9007 if you want to discuss your pledge for the 2023 season.

Volunteer with us and become a Friend of the Festival. To volunteer or offer suggestions: 603-238-9007 or .

Spread the word with us by forwarding this email to your friends and sharing it on social media. 

Most of all, enjoy the concerts with us this summer!


With sincere appreciation for contributing what you can to this team effort, 

The Musicians of the New Hampshire Music Festival

Executive Team:

Joe Higgins, Tido Janssen, Mary Harris, Richard Kelly, and Nancy Kidd

Ex officio Brenda Conklin, Micky Giunta, and Ella Marie Gray


Permanent Roster

The Permanent Roster of the Muscians of the NHMF

Not all musicians play every week.

A PDF of the latest signed roster can be found here.



Charles Dimmick  CM
Ella Marie Gray ACM
David Handler
Sasha Callahan
John Fetter
Kristina Handler
Julie Fox Henson
David Langr
Kathy Langr
Phyllis Mazza Saunders
Viktoria Tchertchian
Kristin Van Cleve


Bernard Digregorio P
Mary Harris
Joan Ellersick
Evan Buttermer


Walter Gray CoP
David Goldblatt CoP
Andrea DiGregorio
Leo Eguchi
Tido Janssen
Katie Kennedy



Joseph Higgins P
Michael Lelevich
Eliot Porter
Nancy Kidd



Rachel Ferris


Bill Shaltis


Richard Kelly P



Valerie Watts P
Rachel Braude
Mary-Kay Robinson

Oboes/English Horn
Shawn Welk P
Andrea Hixon
Third Oboe/EH – Vacancy


Elizandro Garcia Montoya CoP
Bill Kalinkos CoP


Nicolasa Kuster P
Second Bassoon – Vacancy
Eric Anderson

French Horns

Molly Norcross
Scott Brubaker
Nina Miller
David Nesmith


Principal – Vacancy


David Loucky P
Don Robinson
Paul Ferguson


Velvet Brown P


Francis Renzi
Leslie Amper
George Lopez






CM = Concertmaster

ICM = Interim Concertmaster

ACM = Associate Concertmaster

P= Principal

CoP = Co Principal

* String players are listed in alphabetical order after Principals.


Orchestra Committee

Richard Kelly, Chair

Julie Fox

Mary Harris

Bill Kalinkos

Phyllis Saunders



Musician Representatives to the NHMF Board of Directors

Ella Gray

Richard Kelly


Audition Committee

Viktoria Tchertchian, Chair

Leo Eguchi

Elizandro Garcia-Montoya

David Goldblatt

David Loucky


Artistic Advisory Committee

Velvet Brown

Walter Gray

Andrea Hixon

Bill Kalinkos

Phyllis Saunders