11/20/09 – Nina Miller

November 20, 2009

Apology due


Editor, The Citizen:


Seniors locked out in the cold At Wednesday night’s New Hampshire Music Festival Board of Directors meeting: A group of supporters, including several senior citizens, were forced out of Gilford High School to wait for over two hours in frigid temperatures for the meeting to adjourn. Three Gilford armed police officers, Gilford school officials and NHMF administration blocked and locked access to the entryway of Gilford High School, which would have afforded the supporters a safe, warm and protected area (under constant surveillance of the three armed police officers).


It broke my heart to witness an elderly gentleman requesting the use of the school restroom and then denied access — imagine that, a senior citizen being denied access to a restroom in a public building, supported by taxpayer dollars!


Shame on you, NHMF Board of Directors, management, police and school administrators of Gilford. A public apology would be a fitting gesture for putting long-time, loyal NHMF supporters, many of whom are over 65, in harm’s way.


Nina Allen Miller

Scarborough, Maine