12/4/09 – Arthur Albert


Last July, the NHMF management informed the Festival Orchestra players that their contracts would not be renewed for 2010, but that they would be allowed to reapply for their seats in the orchestra. This led to a prolonged outcry of indignation by purple ribbon wearing patrons, a marked drop in Annual Fund contributions and the filing of a
grievance by the musicians with the National Labor Relations Board.

Apparently, the Board of Directors felt that this went well, because they are attempting the same maneuver with the former Incorporators of the Festival:

On 11-6-09, the Board amended the Festival Bylaws so that donors would no longer become Incorporators.  (Their contracts were not renewed. ) There was a spirited protest by attendees of the Annual Meeting on 11-18-09, but there was no opportunity for the Incorporators to repeal the Bylaw changes, since they were no longer  Incorporators.

In an effort to remedy this state of affairs, the Board  has seen fit to send out a letter dated 12-1-09 in which we find the following snippet:

“Anyone may apply to serve as an Incorporator ..”

Having informed the Incorporators that they were fired, they are now encouraged to reapply for their old jobs.

Deja vu all over again?

Arthur Albert, Campton