1985 Personnel Policy


Personnel decisions in the NEW HAMPSHIRE MUSIC FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA are the prerogative of the Music Director and are implemented by the Personnel Manager Orchestra committee is consultative and sufficient opportunity is provided for discussion by the orchestra during the summer season.

The orchestra will be composed of professional musicians, all of whom are paid. With very few exceptions, undergraduate students are not considered professional musicians.

If two musicians of comparable ability are available for an orchestra position, and one is a New Hampshire resident, the New Hampshire resident wil be given preference for the orchestra opening.

Musicians may not find their own substitutes. This is the function of the Personnel Manager in consultation with the Music Director.

Musicians are required to fulfill their obligations to attend seven (7) services per week (with the exception of illness, as stated in the contract).

Contract cancellation without “Just Cause” may result in not being rehired for successive seasons. “Just Cause” shall be determined by the
orchestra committee and the Music Director.

The following orchestra positions are tenure-track:

14 violins
4 violas
4 cellos
2 basses
2 flutes
2 clarinets
2 oboes
2 bassoons
3 horns
2 trumpets
1 percussion

All other orchestra positions are non tenure-track, and are subject to the hiring discretion of the Music Director.

Two years of full-time playing (5 or more weeks) will be considered a “trial period” before one is a tenured member.

A one-year leave of absence may be granted to tenured musicians by the Music Director. Musicians who extend a leave for more than one year may forfeit their position in the orchestra.