Anonymous Letter July 13, 2009

Many of us are professional educators and are always held accountable for
fairly and justly evaluation or “grading” our students.  We are required by
all accreditation standards to have extensive rubrics that carefully
establish all the “criterion” by which our students (or those we supervise)
will be evaluated or graded.  This document, described as “criteria” is
clearly anything but…  The listed elements are items of assessment. No
actual rubric with tangible, objective criteria are included.  

Webster describes criteria (or criterion) as “A standard, rule, or test on
which a judgment or decision can be based.”  The term “standard” has many
definitions, including “something considered by an authority or by general
consent as a basis of comparison; an approved model, a rule or principle
that is used as a basis for judgment,, an average or normal requirement,
quality, quantity, level, grade, etc.  

Therefore, no one applying for these “positions” has any idea of how to
“make the grade”.  It smacks of a full-out effort to be completely
subjective in the selection process; and being subjective is UNETHICAL in
this day and age.  No one should ever be required to apply for a job or
position when there is no standard for selection or evaluation.  This
document is worthless and is a sign of REALLY POOR management.

“That is all I have to say about that”. (Forrest Gump)