Bob Murphy to Musicians

To the Musicians of the New Hampshire Music Festival:
Just a word or two to say that I’m amazed at what has happened to the Festival this year.  I couldn’t imagine Management doing what they have done to what seems nothing less than destroying the Festival as we have known it for so many years. 
I have just now read your letter and also Keith Johnson’s Open Letter to the Board. 
Both are powerful and I should think that Management will take a more constructive view of just what they are doing (or undoing) before advancing their “changes” any further. 
As a small contributor to the annual fund and as a strong supporter of the Festival as I have experienced it over the past five or six years, I do hope that Management will see that they need to keep the Orchestra as it is and hire a strong conductor as Keith has pointed out so brilliantly in his letter to the Board. 
As for now, please know that you in the Orchestra have done a fabulous and very much appreciated job of performing every six weeks in the summer for our enjoyment here in the Lakes Region.  It has been (and hopefully will continue to be) an exciting summer entertainment for us. 
Thanks a lot!
Bob Murphy
Center Harbor, NH