Bozena O’Brien

Hello Everyone,

I need to clarify to those folks in SOON who seem to think that the musicians of the orchestra are “satisfied” with the arrangement made by the orchestra committee and management.   I might go out on a limb and say that NONE of the musicians are satisfied.   We are VERY unhappy.  The deal was made because management pulled out some surprises in the last meeting, but it wasn’t a deal that the musicians wanted or voted to take.   The orchestra committee did the best they could.  At least it keeps our feet in the door.  I urge all of our supporters to continue the hard work you are doing and get rid of David Graham and Henry Fogel.  That is the only way we will get our Festival back.  Henry Fogel will not stop with this Festival.  He will move on and demolish other orchestral groups.  We need to stop him here and now.  David Graham is no longer capable of running this Festival.  He must be removed.  Harsh statements, but these are harsh inhumane times.
So, not for one minute stop fighting.   Management will revert to what they want after next summer and will pick us off one by one.  Thanks for EVERYTHING you are all doing.


Bozena O’Brien (violinist in NHMF)