Deb Corr 10/2/09

Deborah F. Corr
P.O. Box 869
Meredith, NH   03253

October 2, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Your survey came in the mail yesterday.   I have completed it am enclosing it with this letter.

The arrival of the survey is what has prompted me to respond at last to the events of this past summer.

My husband and I have been attending NHMF concerts for about fifteen years, and we have always felt that the orchestra, the soloists and Maestro Polivnik were top notch.  The thought that we would be only 15 minutes’ drive down the road from concerts when we moved here was just thrilling! 

And now, things seem to be coming apart.  I was very distressed to witness the way the festival administration mishandled communications with the orchestra, and as time has gone by, I continue to be very, very concerned about the direction the administration seems to be taking the festival.  The New Hampshire Music Festival is a New Hampshire treasure!  The musicians who have been so loyal and dedicated to it for all these years are second to none!

I believe that the Fogel/Graham “experiment” was poorly conceived and should be abandoned.  In fact it might be a good thing for all if Mr. Graham were to move on since he so clearly has lost whatever credibility he has had with the musicians, and it is hard to see that he will be able to regain his footing.  I believe, too, that Mr. Fogel would have no trouble finding a new place to exercise his vision and his talents and should leave the NHMF to its own devices.

Rather than repeat the questions that have been raised by Arthur Albert in his August 7, 2009 “Open Letter to Board from S.O.O.N.”, I am enclosing a copy of it for you.  I would like answers to these questions, too. 

This has been a very difficult letter to write.  I love the New Hampshire Music Festival and am grateful for every moment of pure joy I have experienced attending so many concerts over the years.  Each one has been a special and unique musical experience for me, and all of the concerts that I have attended have been first rate! 

Sincerely yours

Deborah F. Corr

Board of Directors
New Hampshire Music Festival
52 Symphony Lane
Center Harbor, NH   03226

Cc:  S.O.O.N.