7/13/09 – Letter to Patrons

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Edward J. McLear, CHAIRMAN
Paul Polivnick, MUSIC DIRECTOR

July 13, 2009

Dear Festival Patron,

We know that there has been some confusion, including false rumors, about the future ofthe New Hampshire Music Festival and our intentions regarding the continued employment of the current orchestra. As an important supporter ofthe Festival we want to tell you directly about changes in the Festival’s future, beginning in the 2010 season and how these will impact musici;ms.

An Overview of the 2010 Season

• The Festival will continue its tradition of having a full resident orchestra.

• In order to strengthen its future, the Festival has plans to be in the forefront of maintaining and enlarging its audience of classical music.

• No musicians have been terminated. All have been invited to apply for consideration for the 2010 season. They have this opportunity before it is offered to any other musician.

The Future of Classical Music

• In the coming seasons, the Festival is planning to bring new creativity and energy to the performance of classical music. It is essential for us to reverse the growing lack of support for the Festival’s classical concerts: this dwindling support has already led to the elimination of the second classical performance which we have historically offered.

• Leaders of the classical music scene have observed that concert performances that bring back an atmosphere of discovery and emotional excitement create fresh enthusiasm for classical music to old and new audiences. This enthusiasm remains the mission of your Festi”al.

The Invitation to Musicians

• We have asked the musicians to demonstrate both their commitment to the Festival’s new direction and their talents and abilities to function in new ways. This is something that employees in all professions are asked to do from time to time.

• In addition to our request for recordings (which is routine), we are asking applicants to write about their views as an artist making music in the 21 st century. We are also asking them to tell us their approach to mentoring the highly talented students from conservatories and universities who will be joining the orchestra.

• The Festival has offered each musician facilities with which to produce audio or video recordings, with the Festival covering the expense involved.

• We have asked our musicians to give us input into the process we will use to evaluate and select musicians to ensure it is fair and relevant to each musician. And we have invited them to appoint a participant observer to assure impartiality.

• We have attached for your information a one page document that we have sent to our musicians setting out “Myths and Facts.” We did this to help them better understand what we are endeavoring to accomplish and to assure them: 1) they have the first opportunity to join us for our Summer 2010 season; and 2) we intend to make the evaluation process as fair as we can.

We understand that this is a difficult time for the musicians, because it represents a change – a change in how we have operated, and a change in how we will ask them to work in the future. Change is always difficult. We want you to know that the purpose behind every action we take is to create for you a Festival at the highest national and intemationallevel- a Festival that will excite you, move you and entertain you.

We look forward to seeing you at the exciting concerts this season. Please call either of us at (603)279-3300 if you have any questions about this letter.


David Graham, President

Henry Fogel, Festival Director