7/7/09 – Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria – (The document that started it all!)

New Business Model and Selection Criteria

July 7,2009

Purpose of this Meeting: To explain the changes we are making to the NHMF
To help you understand why we are making the changes
To explain the criteria we will be applying in selecting musicians from our incumbents
To explain the selection process
We are ready to take your questions today. We understand that you may need time to absorb these decisions; we want to give you a chance to think about what we are doing here and what we are asking of you. You will undoubtedly have questions and we are prepared to continue to meet with you to answer your questions.

How the New Business Model Differs from the Current Model:
Curators and orchestra musicians will be selected on carefully selected criteria
Orchestra musicians will mentor exceptional student musicians
Orchestra and chamber musicians could rehearse 20 to 30 hours per week as compared to the current 10 to 13 hours per week. Each musician will have the opportunity to have input in rehearsals.
Rehearsals will be collaborative and there will be more recitals and concerts each week.
Compensation for professional musicians will increase, we project at least.

Criteria for Selecting Orchestra Musicians:
The criteria have been developed in order to allow you to demonstrate who you are as a musician and the breadth of your imagination.
•     This will include demonstrating musical ability in two ways:
(I)     Performance on a DVD(s) or CD(s) –in disc or e-format –that the musician feels best represents himselflherself as an Artist, These will include:
a.     Mandatory: Music from each period:
1. Before 1800
ii.     1800-1950
iii. Post 1950 The following b. through e. are optional and no musician will be disqualified should (s)he choose to decline to include these in hislher portfolio. However, the Festival encourages you to submit examples from the list to enable us to evaluate your interests and talents beyond classical music:
Examples from jazz, world music or other music
Examples of improvisation
Examples of composing
Examples of arranging

(2) Essay questions to be submitted in either PDF or Word format.     Answers to all three essay questions are mandatory:
Describe your most creative and fulfilling experience in music
Discuss your approach to mentoring student musicians
How do you see the role ofMusicians in the 21″ Century evolving? Continued on the back. …

Individual Musician portfolios must be submitted no later than September 30, 2009 to the Selection Committee, care of the Festival office.
Those who choose not to submit a portfolio by this date will be considered to have opted out ofthe selection process and will not be considered for summer 20I0 employment.
The Festival will send confirming emails to each musician confirming either receipt of the portfolio or that the musician has opted out.
During this summer season, the Festival will provide musicians with facilities (music library, recording, computers) to assist each musician who chooses to participate in preparing portfolios

The Selection process:
A Selection Committee of three will be announced shortly.
If incumbent musicians choose, they will have the opportunity to have an observer present during the Selection Committee evaluations. This observer will be a non-voting member of the Committee and will attend all meetings of the Selection Committee and participate in the process of applying the criteria for each portfolio.
The Selection Committee will review each portfolio that is submitted in its entirety with the understanding that each might bring different strengths to the ensemble.
The decision of the Selection Committee will be rendered by mid-November, 2009. Musicians “ill be notified individually by the Chair of the Committee in writing.
In the event a musician desires a review of the decision of the Selection Committee, (s)he may request that review within ten days of receipt of the decision. The Committee’s determination upon review is final.


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