Knight to Night

Knight to Night September 5, 2009

By Andrea Di Gregorio


Ah, so there it is.  How interesting and ironic.  Knights.  It is truly a noble name.  Or Night.  That would probably be more accurate for the “old” New Hampshire Music Festival.  I believe that I would love to see a performance of this ensemble.  And two of the people in the orchestra are people that I have worked with before.  That would make the concert even more special, not to mention that those two young men have ties to the festival.  I am a professional chamber musician.  I really do love the idea of “conductor-less” ensembles.

On the downside, Management is going to replace all of us with this exciting orchestra.  Because, we weren’t good enough.  Evidently.  For the last 57 years, we have diminished.  I actually don’t believe that at all.  I think, perhaps, that this has to do with a desire to experiment and find a new and innovative method for musical growth.  Well, I am all for that.  To find renewal in something that is worn and staid is truly extraordinary.  I did that this year with some clothes that could be turned into a quilt.  However, you don’t do that with successful arts organizations.  We weren’t worn and staid.  We were lively and vital.  This is the reason that our audience came back.  Otherwise, why would they protest this particular orchestra’s departure?  We, the New Hampshire Music Festival Orchestra loved entertaining our friends.  And after over 30 years in Plymouth, NH, we had quite a few lovely audience-friends.  We will miss you.

And so it goes.