Letter from Paul Polivnick

Photo of Paul PolivnickDear Friends,

When I took over the reins from my esteemed predecessor, Tom Nee, I observed the positive spiritual and professional culture that he had fostered for more than three decades.

During my eighteen years at the helm, I made it my mission to maintain and develop that culture while continually raising the bar artistically.

As a result, the working atmosphere at the New Hampshire Music Festival is as close to an ideal scene as I can imagine thanks to the talent, camaraderie, and unified sense of purpose shared by the fine musicians who come there year after year.

But the lasting effect of this culture is the community that has developed around the Festival, led by the public that adores “their orchestra.” That is the big story of the Festival’s continued success.

This summer, I’m returning to our Festival.  Will you?

Join me in celebration of the last sixty years – and in preparation for the next sixty – through a contribution to the 2011 Annual Fund.


Paul Polivnick, Conductor Laureate