8/4/09 – Sylvia Greene

Support the NHMF musicians

Editor, The Citizen:

As a almost 30-year New Hampshire Music Festival concert-goer, I can say that, if there is a problem with declining audiences, it is due to the lack of advertising by the NHMF management. Gone are the posters that used grace the entrance of stores throughout the Lakes Region; gone are the newspaper, TV and radio advertisements. Why, there isn’t even a sign indicating the entrance to Gilford High School! I’ve seen many a car drive past the entrance, only to back track in frustration and confusion.

In past years there was a sandwich board with info on “Tonight’s Concert”. Where did that go?

If I had to venture an educated guess, it is the intention of Mr. David Graham and Henry Fogel to use the excuse of “declining audiences” to support their new strategic plan — the lack of advertising certainly helps them justify the means to their end.

We are blessed to have a fantastically talented orchestra- please support their endeavor to return without the unfair reapplication process and without the addition of non-professional student musicians.

We love you, NHMF musicians!

Sylvia Greene

Center Harbor