Marilyn A. Blaisdell

Marilyn A. Blaisdell
366 Whittemore Point Road
Bridgewater, NH 03222

July 16, 2009

Mr. David Graham
Mr. Henry Fogel
New Hampshire Music Festival
52 Symphony Lane
Center Harbor, NH 03226

Dear Mr. Graham and Mr. Fogel:

I have read your very belated attempt to communicate with your customers about your plans for the NH Festival Orchestra. What are you thinking? You have lost a talented conductor who over the years has built up a world class orchestra. Now you are about to lose talented and dedicated orchestra members. To many members of your audience, the orchestra is like family. We have been attending the concerts for many years, and look forward to them each summer.

Have you not heard the audience reaction to the music and the musicians each week; the applause and appreciation? Is the new approach to music for YOU or your audience of faithful Music Festival patrons?  After speaking with many of our friends and neighbors who are regular attendees, I can’t help but wonder if the “growing lack of support for the Festival’s classical concerts” is connected to the manner in which significant changes in a successful program have been handled

Having read your latest correspondence, I do feel that you are disrespecting the musicians. They are professionals, and it seems to me that if they do not agree with your philosophy of music then their talent is discounted. I fear that you are about to undo many years of great music for many people. The atmosphere you have created among the musicians and your audience is not healthy. Instead of building a better orchestra, I fear you are tearing apart a wonderful asset to our community.


Cc:  Mr. Edward J. McLear, Chairman