Nina Miller

I am one of the NHMF musicians who did not support the ‘agreement’ that was ‘negotiated’ (since we are not recognized as a collective bargaining unit we aren’t in a position to negotiate or come to agreements).  We were allowed to ‘dialogue’ with management with hope that an ‘understanding’ will be reached.
It was my (mistaken) belief that having less than 40 incumbent musicians on stage all six weeks was deemed unacceptable to us during the many dialogues that occurred over the summer.  On the final day of the festival we learned that the understanding between us and management was to include 20 six-week and 25 one to four-week incumbent musicians, with the addition of 20 Professional non-incumbent musicians selected
by management.  How insulting that they are called professionals and we are ‘only’ incumbents!  Add to the mix the addition of 5-8 students, an in-seat review process (with no provision for an appeal) by the not-yet-named Artistic Director, and there you have it.
I hope SOON continues to fight for us and find a way to restore the magic of the 57-year young New Hampshire Music Festival.  Nothing was broken and nothing needed fixing…except for the management and board.
Nina Allen Miller