8/10/09 – Micky Giunta



After years of writing letters to the Management of the New Hampshire Musical Festival, that with no exception remain unanswered, it is most encouraging to see the recent letters to the editor in your newspaper.

The NHMF has just sent a letter to the “NHMF Family”, I being one of them, stating that they are aware that many of us remain confused about their vision for the future.

I would like to confirm this confusion but it is not present with the people that really care about this Music Festival. It is without a doubt with Mr. David Graham and Mr. Henry Fogel.

Why do these gentlemen not see the mistakes they are making?  Instead they mask them with half-truths and explanations that lack all transparency.  They have not just insulted these wonderful professionals but they are insulting the intelligence of their audience on a regular basis.  Are they fully aware that at every concert the audience rises in praise of the musicians, and I mean the permanent members, not only the guest conductors or the soloists?

As a business owner what concerns me most are payroll expenses.  Despite financial troubles the NHMF has just hired a new “Artistic Director”.  Will this Artistic Director replace either Mr. D. Graham or Mr. H. Fogel?

To the Board of Directors I would like to ask two simple questions to be answered in this newspaper:

First, are you willing to reconsider the plans you have put on paper for the future of the NHMF?

Second, is it time to show the necessary courage and admit that mistakes have been made, and are being made, which if continued, will destroy something extremely valuable to our region?

Finally I would like to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU to the wonderful musicians who are the real treasure within the New Hampshire Music Festival.  Those of us who attend the Chamber Music Concerts and the concerts on Thursday nights (and yes I go to every one) once again were treated to the high quality of performances to which we are accustomed, despite a substantial reduction in members of the orchestra.

How much higher still it would have been had funds previously committed to a full complement of musicians not been diverted to bloating the overhead costs of the NHMF.

Micky Giunta

Campton, NH