10/1/09 – Response from SOON

Musicians poll has been presented

10/01/09 SOON (Save Our Orchestra Now) Response to the latest negotiations

concerning the NHMF.

The orchestra has been asked for their approval of the new agreement “Personnel Policy”.

October Autumn, Cold nights arrive, and the Management opts for approval of a proposal, characteristically different from the previous agreement at the festival season finale. Management had announced agreement with the Musicians Committee to the 2010 season for a full orchestra returning to the stage. In the Festival’s attempt to prepare a roster of musicians from this last years orchestra, to join in with musicians trained in colaborative artistic expression models, along with gifted students, the current orchestra musicians have overwhelmingly disapproved of the new “Personnel Policy” agreement.

The issue of funding the 2010 season musicians has been stated by the Festival Management as critical. Donors and Patrons contributions have been declining over the last five years, and the future of the NHMF is seriously in trouble. Radical decisions on the part of the Festival’s Management over the last five years has caused many patrons and donors to withdraw their pledges and support, questioning the legitimacy and direction of the entire organization.

Change is always hard to cope with in any situation, and the changes announced in the recent past have received little support. Respect for the traditions and community surrounding the NHMF has been seriously lacking. The time is now for the original course of action to be reapplied to the directions of the NHMF. The Performance and Education programs that were created and implemented over the many years, has brought to the communities of NH the art of classical music, with a connection to an ever growing family of musicians that has evolved over the last 57 years in a festival atmosphere. The students, residents, and vacationers have enjoyed the musicians talents as well as their friendship over many years. Currently, many supporters, subscribers and patrons are as concerned as the musicians are with the approval of the NHMF’s handling of the Orchestra model.

Citing a new artistic direction has drawn controversy through out the enthusiastic audience of the NHMF. The passion and loyalty our musicians and their families have shown us over the many years in NH, has been a gift that has shown us the magic and wonder of the musical world being shared across the country and beyond. This latest round of negotiations between the festival musicians and the management of the NHMF, shows the growing lack of confidence in the ability of the NHMF management to secure a future that shows respect and admiration for the incredible quality of music and festive atmosphere surrounding our communities here in NH. Our voices are being heard, the momentum has been garnering support over the last five years to affect a change in the direction of the festival, and we are speaking out in an ever increasing mode of recreating the festival’s magic.

Executive Committee member, Martin Kimbell 10/01/09

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