To Management from Anonymous

A Long Time Supporter of the NHMF



July 29, 2009




David Graham

New Hampshire Music Festival

52 Symphony Lane

Center Harbor, NH 03226


Dear David,


I have just re-read your well thought out letter which was intended to make me understand what is happening at the New Hampshire Music Festival. However, it is difficult for me to understand how you plan to make classical music any more well played or received than it has been over the past many years. Although I realize that

Mr. Vogel and you may have ambitious goals, it is hard for me to see how they call

for the creation of such upheaval in the current superb orchestra.


I am wearing a purple ribbon in support of the members of the orchestra. Coming together in the summer from their many different orchestras throughout the country has been a joy for the musicians. The music they have produced has been a joy for us here in central New Hampshire. The return to Gilford for the light classical and pops was a brilliant move this summer. (The loss of your audience for the heavier music came about when you eliminated Gilford.)


As a supporter, albeit a modest one, since 1963, I am asking you to reconsider your demands on the musicians. I am looking forward to the final concerts of the summer and hoping that I can look forward to many more summers of music following our long winters.






A long time supporter of the NHMF